New Review of Citizen Twain

April 28

Val Kilmer Waxes Poetic in “Citizen Twain”

by Emilee Kyle

In Citizen Twain, a new one-man show written by and starring Val Kilmer, Mr. Kilmer invokes the spirit of Mark Twain to “preach” on the character of America.  He takes us through Twain’s biography, his experience as a dead man, his relationship with God, and finally Twain’s America.  The nonlinear storytelling which Kilmer employs is chock full of anachronisms and critiques of our present day America.  And it works brilliantly.  Anyone who has read Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn can agree that Twain is a fairly succinct embodiment of the American spirit.  Therefore, it is easy to imagine Mark Twain in heaven, sitting in his rocking chair and smoking a pipe while ruminating on current events in American politics – many of which Kilmer has woven into his one-man show.

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