Small Colorful God Paintings


by Val Kilmer

Painted on 12"x20" metal
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

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God Panel Paintings


by Val Kilmer

These paintings come as 6 separate 20"x12" pieces.
The word God is laser cut into some panels, enabling the collector to make his own GODART, and spread the word.

Also, we have constructed a magnet frame that is expensive right now, since it's a prototype, but if you buy it for $500 we'll include 2 extra panels for a total of 8 "reusable God" panels.

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Pop Doc Paintings


Enamel and Krink pen on 12"x20" metal canvas
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

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VAL Logo Hats and T-shirts


Fun VALogo hats and tees!
T-shirts are soft polyester jersey-knit and hat is one size fits all.
Proceeds go to charity.

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This t-shirt is sold on-site at the Citizen Twain play. It comes in black or white, with the following Mark Twain quotes on the front and back:
Front: "I've been drunk before but this is a masterpiece"
Back: "Apparently, there is nothing that cannot happen today"

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Limited edition blanket designs created by Val Kilmer and Liz Lake. These 60″x80″ blankets are manufactured out of 82% virgin wool/18% cotton, by Pendleton Woolen Mills, renowned for weaving Native American blankets. Only 250 blankets were produced in this exclusive series.

The Gourd People design is inspired by New Mexico petroglyphs: ancient rock engravings found throughout the magnificent cliffs and mountain faces that epitomize the raw beauty of the “Land of Enchantment.”

The Dude design is based on the buffalo skull hanging in Val’s New Mexico home. A family of buffalo call Val’s ranch their home and this blanket is named for a baby buffalo born there.

*Higher shipping rates may apply for international orders

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